Queen Gallery

Some of the amazing Queens we have had the pleasure of dressing in our Jewels. 

Chorizo judging drag race ES with our jewels on

Ant & Dec on Saturday night takeaway with our jewels on.

Alexis Stone wearing Crown Jewels Uk at the Attitude Awards.

The one and only Willam Wearing our Diana Set.

Rupauls Drag races Choriza May Wearing Crown Jewels uk.

Ellie Diamond gracing the red carpet for Cinderella in London.

Jamie Campbell Everyones talking about Jamie Red Carpet London.

Ella Vaday Wearing her Crown Jewels On BBC's Rupauls Drag Race.

Lawrence with her chain earrings from Crown Jewels

Choriza from Rupaul’s Drag Race

Vanity Milan from Rupaul’s Drag Race wearing her Crown Jewels

Willam looking stunning as always

Choriza May Jewels by Crown Jewels UK

Will & Ginny Lemon

Will & Ellie Diamond

Is it choriza or is it marge Simpson…. Well I know this much she wears Crown Jewels

Red pen or green pen? Who cares she wears Crown Jewels

The glamorous Missy jay in her Crown Jewels

Thorgy Thor and will and drag fest London

Alexis stone transformation wearing her Crown Jewels

Shyanne wearing her Crown Jewels she is stunning

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